Learning Session: Developing NDA SFS Positions/Guidance (2024 Mar)

with ICDA SFS Toolkit

The ICDA – International Confederation of Dietetic Associations’ #SustainableFoodSystems (SFS) Toolkit hosted a peer-to-peer learning session on developing Nutrition/Dietetic Association (NDA) position statements of other guidance. It was promoted with all ICDA NDA members and open to anyone in the world interested in the topic.

The learning session focused on discussion and questions. There were two sessions to cover different time zones. Before attending, participants listened to recordings and read the presentations that ICDA SFS Toolkit Advisors prepared to explain their experience with developing SFS positions/guides.

They shared a wide variety of lessons from different countries and situations ranging from advanced SFS positions that have been implemented for several years and are helping others, to those who are in the process of developing a paper or are just starting to think about it.

Visit these links to:

  1. READ the  SFS Positions/Guides in the toolkit.
  2. LISTEN/read as the SFS Advisors share experiences on SFS Positions/Guides.
  3. READ the discussion points we covered during the webinar on Sticky Studio.
  4. LISTEN to the two learning session discussions
    • 3 hours in total, but you can fast forward through the opening sections that are a repeat.
  5. SOON we will share an organized summary report of the participation and key points covered.