Sustainability Courses

In this section we recommend existing courses that help you deepen your knowledge about sustainable food systems (SFS). Some course availability may change over time. We have provided the main page link as well so you can browse topics.

United Nations Climate Change E-Learn: Short Tutorials and Courses

Browse the United Nations Climate Change e-learn courses: these are a valuable resource for those looking to deepen their knowledge around specific climate change, sustainability and nutrition topics. These web-based short courses and tutorials are free of charge, range range in length from 30 minutes to 12 hours. They are self paced, some with multiple language options, and systematically cover topics such as Sustainable Diet, Human Health and Climate Change, Water, Gender and Environment, and Introduction to Sustainable Finance.

We suggest the following as good places to start.

Class Central: Longer Courses

Browse Class Central for more in depth distance courses offered as MOOCS (massive open online courses) from various universities around the world. This is a database of free online courses run by a small company with a mission to make education accessible.

The listing contains 100+ courses relating to the UN SDGs, several of which are of direct relevance to health and sustainability. Details vary by course but most run for 4-8 weeks and have instructors who provide feedback. Some are not accessible from all geographic regions, and while auditing is generally free, payment is required to receive an official certification.

We suggest the following as good places to start.

Credit Courses

The following distance-education courses are offered by higher education institutions for credit. We will add courses and update links as we learn about more high quality learning opportunities. Feel free to use the Community Of Practice forum to suggest high-quality courses and provide links.

Food Systems for Healthier and Sustainable Diets is one of several food systems related courses offered by Wageningen Centre for Development Innovation.

What will you learn? Upon completion of the course you will:

  • Understand the concepts of food systems, healthy diets and sustainability and their interconnection;
  • Be able to apply food system innovations in designing strategies, and interventions for healthier and sustainable diets;
  • Be able to evaluate food systems innovations for healthier and sustainable diets for policy and decision making;
  • Be able to implement reflective learning at personal and group level.

This course is offered in English.

When: Mon 14 February 2022 until Fri 25 March 2022

Apply here.

More information and facts on the course can be found here:

It is an easy to use robust methodology for integrating strategic sustainability thinking into an organisation’s planning and practices. We warmly invite you to become part of the solution to our global challenge and hope that the learning you gain from attending our course transfers directly into new strategic ideas that you can implement within your organisation and make it fit for the future. … Come join us!

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