ICDA Sustainability Toolkit

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Welcome to ICDA’s Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Toolkit! This web-based toolkit supports nutritionist and dietetic professionals, in ICDA member associations, to integrate sustainability into practice.

Why nutrition and dietetics professionals?

Nutrition and dietetics professionals around the world work with food at various stages of food systems—from product development to procurement through to consumption. In these roles, you have a unique opportunity to influence these systems to be more sustainable as well as nutritious. While scholars of many disciplines grapple with what must be done to create sustainable food systems, you can take these understandings of the what and apply it to the how…and be a part of making it happen! 

What’s in this Toolkit?

This toolkit is a collection of existing resources, case studies, infographics, learning modules, community discussion forums, inspirational stories and more to help support sustainability in dietetics. We have taken existing content and curated a collection to support your learning needs. In some cases, we have designed pieces just for you. The toolkit is intended to help you understand sustainable food systems, identify your knowledge gaps, deepen your knowledge in particular areas, understand the relevance to nutrition and dietetics, access tools for putting this knowledge into practice, and help you share challenges and successes with colleagues to inspire and support others. 


In this section you will find information regarding our team, vision, objectives, and guiding principles for this toolkit. You will also find a brief background and introduction about sustainable food systems.


In this section you will find resources, activities, tools, and case studies that help you to learn more about sustainable food theory, concepts and applications. Search and download resources on topics you want to learn more about, and tools to support sustainability into your own practice. 

Community of Practice

In this section you will find examples of first-hand experiences in nutrition and sustainability around the world, as well as the opportunity to connect, discuss, and interact with Dietitians-Nutritionists from a variety of background, roles, and geographic locations.

Professional Development

In this section you will find more formal, structured learning opportunities such as learning modules, webinars and workshops, and sustainability courses. We have also designed a sustainability self-assessment that allows you to discover what, specifically, you would like to learn about nutrition and sustainability.

How to use this Toolkit

You can use this toolkit however you would like. However, we suggest one of two ways.

1. Structured Flow

2. Free Flow

  • Browse resources by relevance to your practice or challenges. Use the filters.
  • Refer to the glossary as needed.
  • Connect with colleagues by reading others’ questions and stories, and share your own.
  • If you are interested in learning more, check out the Professional Development section.


Take the sustainability self-assessment to get your personalized toolkit guide for your journey to sustainable nutrition!