SDG Briefs: Dietitian-Nutritionist Roles

In 2015, the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were put forward by the United Nations, designed to transform our world towards the accomplishment of inclusive and sustainable development (United Nations, 2020).

Each of the following briefs explore possible roles for Dietitian-Nutritionists (D-N) for each of the key UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) listed. Briefs describe how D-N are impacted from – and are/can be impacted by – the work of D-N. The briefs are intended to help increase your awareness of the SDGs, provide an overview of what is currently being done to meet each goal, and how D-N can contribute.

We have included the most immediately relevant SDG in this section, and we are working towards creating briefs for the remaining goals in the near future. Please refer to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals website for more information on all 17 goals and the infographic section of this toolkit for more visual representations of each brief.

* The original text for these briefs were developed by students of the Nutrition in Global Health and Development class at Acadia University and edited by the ICDA SFS toolkit team.

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