Teaching Sustainable Food Systems in our Times (series, 2024)

This sandbox webinar series for all Sustainable Food Systems educators provides professional development opportunities to gain, enhance, and share knowledge and skills regarding two pedagogical issues of this time: (1) Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) and, (2) Online Teaching.

Field experts will lead each webinar with the sharing of equity-minded pedagogical innovations. Sandbox sessions will facilitate space for reflection, brainstorming, ideation, and sharing of practices.

Join the Teaching Food Systems Community of Practice List Serve! For Registration Info and More: TeachFoodSystems@gmail.com. Archived Webinars: https://waferx.montana.edu (posted under the ‘Education Resources’ tab)

How dietitians can protect the planet (2022)

In 2022 Clare Pettinger presented “How dietitians can protect the planet” for the Elsie Widdowson Memorial Lecture which is organised and supported by the British Dietetics Association. Each year since 2001, one senior member of the profession, at the pinnacle of their career, is invited to deliver a lecture on a topic of their choice.

Clare discusses what it means to be green, starting with us as individuals. It is a philosophical journey, one that requires us to consider how our own lives impact others who share our world. She takes us sailing the seven ‘C’s of GREEN (for people and planet) and talks about the green elephant. She will get you thinking about how we can be GREENer personally, professionally and strategically.

Learning Session: Developing NDA SFS Positions/Guidance (2024 Mar)

The ICDA – International Confederation of Dietetic Associations’ #SustainableFoodSystems Toolkit hosted a peer-to-peer learning session open to all ICDA NDA members (or anyone interested). The learning session focused on discussion and questions. There were two sessions to cover different time zones.

Before attending, participants listened to recordings and read the presentations that ICDA SFS Toolkit Advisors have prepared to explain their experience with developing SFS positions/guides. They share a wide variety of lessons from different countries and situations ranging from advanced SFS positions that have been implemented for several years to those who are in the process of developing a paper,  those who are just starting, or those who provide support to others.

Visit these links to:

  1. READ the  SFS Positions/Guides in the toolkit.
  2. LISTEN/read as the SFS Advisors share experiences on SFS Positions/Guides.
  3. READ the discussion points we covered during the webinar on  Sticky Studio.
  4. LISTEN to the two learning session discussions (3 hours in total, you can fast forward through the opening sections that are a repeat).
  5. SOON we will share an organized summary report of the participation and key points covered.

British Nutrition Foundation Events

The British Nutrition Foundation hosts many webinars on a wide variety of topics to watch live or on-demand. British Nutrition Foundation is a public-facing charity which exists to give people, educators and organisations access to reliable information on nutrition. Grounded in science; working with experts; supporting anyone on their journey towards a healthy, sustainable diet.

They have also a page dedicated to Healthy Sustainable Diets and another on Food, a fact of Life that is dedicated to teaching young people aged 3-16 years about where food comes from, cooking and healthy eating. They have a recorded learning session on Sustainable farming in practice.

Food Systems, Climate, Nutrition & Health Events (2024)

Feel free to use, add to, and share this open-access Airtable list of Food Systems, Climate, Nutrition & Health Events for 2024. To add events to the list use this Airtable link (free account required). The list was started and originally developed by Oliver Camp (via Linked In) – Food Systems Transformation for Environment and Nutrition (GAIN) | Programmes, Policy & Advocacy.

In addition, he has started a Food Systems Transformation WhatsApp Community. This group was developed after the Food Systems discussions at COP28. This is a year-round meeting place for food systems folks, and we’ll also bring the Food Systems at COP group back to our homes and communities. There are different channels within it to suit your interests (and to limit notifications to only what you really want to see): 👋 Introduce Yourself – 💼 Job Opportunities – 📖 Recommended Reading – 🗣 General Chitchat – 🆘 Requests for Support – 📅 Event Promotion. Come join us!

SFS sessions at the International Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics (ICND 2024 Jun 12-14)

👉  Join us in Toronto, Canada from June 12-14, 2024 for the 19th International Congress of Nutrition and Dietetics (ICND) 2024. Register here for ICND 2024.

The ICDA SFS Toolkit will be holding an ICND workshop on “Supporting SFS Networks in your National Dietetic Association”.  

There are a wide variety of other sessions that include sustainability as well. 👈 Click on the ICND icon for a list of Sustainability Sessions that we found in the programme. We hope to see you there! 

Behind the Label: Sustainability Seals and Certification (2021)

Third-party sustainability seals and certifications provide verified guidance allowing consumers to identify sustainable options more easily. This webinar provides an overview of commonly used seals and certifications and the criteria they represent. Dietitians can learn key strategies to help their clients make informed choices that can positively impact their health, the planet and the lives of the people who grow and make our food. Visit the Clif Bar nutrition page to access the CEUs: Step 1: Watch the webinar. Download the slides. Step 2: Earn continuing education (1 CEU). Take the quiz.

Dietitians Driving Change: Navigating Healthy, Sustainable Diets (2023 Dec)

Join registered dietitians Sharon Palmer and Clancy Cash Harrison to learn why sustainability should be a core part of every dietitian’s toolkit. Learn how to evaluate the environmental and socioeconomic impacts of food choices, and what you can do to lead the charge in making healthy, sustainable diets more accessible. Visit the Clif Bar nutrition page to access the CEUs: Step 1: Watch the webinar. Download the slides. Step 2: Earn continuing education (1 CEU). Take the quiz. Step 1: Watch the webinar. Download the slides. Step 2: Earn continuing education (1 CEU). Take the quiz.

School Meals: Alleviating Hunger and Building Sustainable Food Systems

This webinar on The Role of School Feeding Programs in Alleviating Hunger and Building Sustainable Food Systems presents an overview of school feeding programs, both from a global and US perspective, including their benefits for hunger and poverty alleviation and building sustainable food systems. Successful international case studies and a USA program in Central Texas that integrates values-aligned food procurement and farm-to-school activities will also be highlighted. The webinar provides 1.5 continuing professional education units (CPEUs) that are free for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) Global Member Interest Group (GMIG) & Hunger and Environmental (HEN) Dietetic Practice Group members, $25 for AND members and $54 for non-members. The speakers & slides:
👉 A Global Perspective (link to slides) by Christine McCullum-Gomez, PhD, RDN – a food and nutrition consultant based in Bogotá, Colombia.
👉 A United States Perspective (link to slides) by Marissa Bell, MPH, RD, LD – a Dietitian & Marketing Coordinator at Lake Travis Independent School District where she leads the implementation of the Good Food Purchasing Program.