Transforming Food Systems: Diets and climate, how FBDG can help deliver healthy diets from sustainable food systems? (2022 Sep)

with HDSFS & WHO

This is a recording of a 2022 September webinar by The Coalition of Action on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems for Children and All (HDSFS). Food-based Dietary Guidelines (FBDGs) translate the best available evidence as well as an analysis of the national context to detail what a healthy diet represents in a specific country or region. They provide healthy eating advice for the general public and can guide a range of policies and programmes. While FBDGs have traditionally considered some socio-cultural aspects, in recent years, countries have begun incorporating other sustainability considerations–particularly environmental sustainability, including to reflect the critical nexus between diets and climate. The webinar seeks to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and catalyze discussion on FBDGs’ contribution toward the vision of healthy diets from SFS, in particular, on the integration of climate considerations. Visit this link for the outcomes of the workshop including a recording of the event, a summary of discussions, and a repository of relevant resources and references.

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