Temerty Medicine Environmental Health Lecture Series: Health (human and planetary) and the Existential Threat of the Anthropocene (2023 Feb-Apr)

with Temerty Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

The webinar series on Health (human and planetary) and the Existential Threat of the Anthropocene brought attention to the destructive effects of human activity on our own health, and that of the planet, and engage the medical community in discussions on how to affect positive change. The term Anthropocene refers to an unofficial period of time, often starting in the Industrial Revolution and continuing today, in which human activity has had a significant or dominant influence on the environment.

The series of eight, hour-long lectures started on February 14. The series delivered in two parts — the first highlights the destructive force of the Anthropocene. The second set of lectures delves into solutions. 

Recordings are available shortly after each session.

Organizers plan to repeat the series annually as new concerns and solutions arise. They will also create a nutrition symposium to highlight the need for dietary change as a way to avoid planetary destruction and species loss.