Sustainable Urban Food Systems for SDGs Acceleration (2022 Dec 15)

with FAO, Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS)

In December 2022, FAO co-hosted a High-Level Dialogue on “Sustainable Urban Food Systems for SDGs Acceleration” at the 17th Annual Session of the Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS). The Event had 3 Key Points: 1) Highlight the most urgent challenges urban food systems face to ensure access to healthy diets and reduce environmental ‘foodprint’. 2) Showcase concrete examples of successful practices to reduce urban food systems’ contribution to climate impact, including consumption patterns. 3) Identify gaps and share recommendations on the transition to sustainable urban food systems. GFHS Secretary General Mr. Lu Haifeng pointed out in his closing remarks that cities should concentrate on six priorities: 1) sustainable urban planning, 2) sustainable waste management, 3) efficient and stable transition to renewable energy, 4) green, low-carbon and smart buildings and communities, 5) people-oriented public space and resilient infrastructure, and 6) sustainable urban food system. By doing so, we can better achieve the goal of resilient, carbon neutral and nature-positive city, and more effectively coordinate to deal with climate crisis, energy crisis, economic crisis, food crisis and the biodiversity crisis for a safer and greener urban future.”