Positioning SFS in Dietetics Commitments and Roles (2023 Jun)

with Monash University & Dietitians Australia

This presentation on Australia’s story of positioning sustainable food systems within dietetics commitments and roles was done by Liza Barbour, PhD an Advanced Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Senior Lecturer at Monash University, Australia at the 🌍 Global Networking Event on Sustainable Food Systems in Nutrition & Dietetics Education (2023 Jun 7-8).

Over the last six years, Dietitians Australia has embraced the urgent need to focus on environmental sustainability and planetary health. This has occurred due to several factors including strong internal leadership and advocacy efforts from passionate members. Liza describes the process involved in developing Dietitians Australia’s food systems and environmental sustainability role statement and their inaugural Position Statement on healthy and sustainable diets.

She provides an overview of the content and shares examples of how these commitments have influenced advocacy efforts and policy-making processes since they were published, as well as examples of the application of the Position Statement’s key recommendations. One is to invest in capacity-building activities to equip the current and future workforce to promote sustainable food systems. Liza shared an update on a project currently funded by ICDA, that aims to increase SFS capacity amongst dietitians in all areas of practice via a fun, experiential challenge. Regarding the future workforce, she describes relevant Australian competency standards and the current tertiary landscape for nutrition and dietetics students to engage in food systems education, including a historic reflection on how and why this has improved over the past six years.

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