Planetary Health Collective Events

with Planetary Health Collective

Planetary Health Collective hosts several webinars and discussions. They highlight leaders and change-makers who have succeeded in merging their passions for human and environmental health into an unconventional career in food and nutrition. Each session highlights leaders with a unique background, story, and contribution to the fight for a climate-resilient future. Events are open for all who recognize the power of food for transformational change in both human and environmental health, regardless of experience in the field. They highlight the central roles of intersectionality, social justice, and health equity in the pursuit of food and climate justice, and provide opportunities to learn about and engage with individuals whose work serves as a model for how each and every one of us can channel our passions to improve human health and environmental sustainability. You will have the opportunity to participate in a live Q/A, where you can network and get real-time feedback on how YOU can join this work, all while leveraging your unique passions and skills in food and climate.

Free, donations welcome