Oxford Real Farming Conference (2023 Jan 4-6)

with ORFC

ORFC – Oxford Real Farming Conference was held 4-6 January 2023 in both online and in person. The online archive is available on https://orfc.org.uk/orfc-archives/ The online conference is a mix of live-streamed sessions from Oxford and online-only sessions with farmers, food producers, activists, academics, authors and many others across six continents. Anything you miss will be recorded for you to catch up on, and each session will available for replay shortly after it has ended. All delegates outside Western Europe, the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand can join us for FREE. There is interpretation through COATI (Colectivo para la autogestión de tecnologías para la interpretación) to ensure that sessions are interpreted into many languages.

From Emily Norton, #OFC2023 Chair: “… The collective challenge is not just to avoid the mistakes of the past. Instead, it is to seek the systemic solutions that prevent poverty, environmental exploitation and ultimately conflict. In exploring the consequences of conflict on our farms and communities, we’re aware that we cannot rely on yesterday’s toolbox to fix today’s problems. Hence OFC23 aims to inspire a regeneration in our politics, our society and our supply chains, as well as our farms. This is also long overdue. It’s time to start farming a new future. See you at Oxford.”

Free - 45£