Implementing equitable and effective food policy: what more needs to be done? (2023 Mar 22)

with Centre for Food Policy at City University of London

Christina Vogel is Deputy Director of the Centre for Food Policy at City. She is a registered nutritionist and has worked in public health nutrition for 20 years in Australia and Europe. Her research aims to inform the implementation and evaluation of food-related policies and interventions which optimise population nutrition, reduce inequalities and protect our planet. Inequalities in diet, obesity and life expectancy are increasing in England, with widening gaps between families living in the most and least deprived areas. Structural food policies addressing environmental and commercial determinants of poor diet offer promise to shift the population towards dietary recommendations without exacerbating inequalities. In this talk Professor Vogel highlights how recent analyses of such food policies indicate, however, that greater assessment of the conditions in which food policies are implemented is required to ensure impact is equitable and minimises unintended negative consequences on health, environmental and/or economic outcomes. It was a free session online on 22 March 2023, follow the link for more details.