Food Systems, Climate, Nutrition & Health Events (2024)

with GAIN

Feel free to use, add to, and share this open-access Airtable list of Food Systems, Climate, Nutrition & Health Events for 2024. To add events to the list use this Airtable link (free account required). The list was started and originally developed by Oliver Camp (via Linked In) – Food Systems Transformation for Environment and Nutrition (GAIN) | Programmes, Policy & Advocacy.

In addition, he has started a Food Systems Transformation WhatsApp Community. This group was developed after the Food Systems discussions at COP28. This is a year-round meeting place for food systems folks, and we’ll also bring the Food Systems at COP group back to our homes and communities. There are different channels within it to suit your interests (and to limit notifications to only what you really want to see): 👋 Introduce Yourself – 💼 Job Opportunities – 📖 Recommended Reading – 🗣 General Chitchat – 🆘 Requests for Support – 📅 Event Promotion. Come join us!