FBDG integrating SFS transformation (2022 Sep 28)

with FAO

Coordinator: The session isn’t yet in the recording archives. I have written to FAO and will update this page when I know more. past recordings are put in the archive: https://www.fao.org/webcast/archive

How can dietary guidelines fulfil their potential for agrifood systems transformation? Policies and practices to support healthy diets and development outcomes across the SDGs. Nearly 100 countries have developed dietary guidelines as a tool to inform their consumers about healthy dietary patterns and help them achieve better nutrition outcomes. Some countries are now undertaking further activities to enhance the potential of dietary guidelines to guide agrifood systems transformation, such as by actively using dietary guidelines to guide policy and practice in agrifood systems, and incorporating environmental sustainability. The role of dietary guidelines to influence agrifood systems transformation is recognized but can this potential be achieved? This Dialogue will help shed light on this question by focusing on recent country experiences, potential barriers and how they can be overcome to make the next generation of dietary guidelines a reality. They present a new methodology developed by FAO that takes a food systems approach to the development/ implementation process of dietary guidelines and considers the various dimensions of sustainability.