EFAD Sustainable and Healthy Diets recorded webinar series (2021-22)

with EFAD

This is a series of webinars organised the the European Federations of the Associations of Dietitians supported by unrestricted educational grants from Nestle and Danone and are saved with the conversation threads and participant surveys for your continued use. There are a series of 5 webinars: (1) Prof. Filippo Arfini and Ms Raquel Bernácer introduced the concept and pillars of sustainability as well as the context and challenges of sustainable diets. (2) Dr Christopher A Birt and Mr Manuel Moñino, on the European Farm to Fork strategy and other global initiatives toward more sustainable food systems. (3) Dr Ana Islas Ramos from FAO updated us on how Food-Based Dietary Guidelines are developed and implemented to improve their effectiveness and integrate sustainability and Prof. Rune Blomhoff went through how the Nordic and Baltic countries integrated sustainability into health-based diet guidelines. (4) Ms Laura Batlle-Bayer presented the food production/ agriculture aspects and the life cycle analysis. Mr Pierre Garin talked about food processing and its’ impact on sustainability, sustainable food labelling and how to make food products more sustainable. Last but not least, Dr Sarah Browne, went through food waste and nutrition quality. (5) Ujué Fresán on how to practically follow a healthy and sustainable diet, and Daniela Grach on proposals for implementing sustainable nutrition in the professional fields of dietetics.