Recording of ICDA SFS Toolkit at Agriculture, Nutrition & Health Academy Week (#ANH2022 Jun)

with ANH2022

ICDA SFS Toolkit team held a session at the #ANH2022 titled: “Contribute to Sustainable Food Systems with the ICDA online Toolkit & Community! A toolkit for and by Dietitians & Nutritionists to learn & grow:“.

👩🏽‍🏫 You can use the slides or the recorded session to orient yourself, or to help others understand the toolkit. You are welcome to use/adapt it to your own needs. Contact the ICDA SFS Toolkit coordinator if you need the powerpoint version or any guidance.

⏰ The bulk of our time was spent using the toolkit together and almost all the participants took the Sustainability Self-Assessment: A Personalized Toolkit Guide. We demonstrated the toolkit’s applicability to different settings and discussed the impact it is having on dietitians, nutritionists, and populations we work with. We suggested ways that participants can contribute to the toolkit so that it evolves to continually – It is a toolkit for nutrition professionals by nutrition professionals!

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