COP 2: Sustainability in Practice: Examples from the Field

The Community of Practice (COP) section of the SFS Toolkit is all about sharing. This page is a collection of inspiring stories from you and your peers who have shared their practical experiences of integrating sustainability into their diverse roles as Dietitians-Nutritionists. These stories showcase the breadth and depth of work happening and highlight key insights and practical lessons learnt along the way.

You can help build a dynamic network and leverage our collective knowledge for change in several ways:

  • Read the website & Share! Share in anyway you can – with your own family, in your community, social media groups, with your profession – then share back with us what you learn. Sign up for the GROW newsletter so that you are alerted to new materials posted to this website.
  • Join the discussion forum – Deepen your learning with these stories by discussing these stories, the resources on the website, your questions or sharing own experiences.
  • Submit your own story – Your experience can inspire, challenge & support others to do work toward Sustainable Food Systems, too!
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