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SFS Coordinator ICDA

Global evidence strongly indicates the need for a substantial shift from current diets to healthier, more sustainable ones. Modern local and global food systems should operate within planetary boundaries, considering climate change and ever-dwindling natural resources. As such, diets should maintain a balance of environmental sustainability and optimum health outcomes for the consumers; however, to achieve the wide adoption of such diets, they must also be socioculturally and economically acceptable. The shift towards sustainable nutrition, facilitated by a digital world and economy, might halt the epidemic of several NCDs, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, neurological and immune-related diseases, but this is yet to be extensively investigated.

This Special Issue encourages authors to submit original research articles or reviews addressing all dimensions of sustainability and healthy diets in Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics, including cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary aspects. The Issue will work in collaboration with the 1st International Conference of Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics (1st ICONSD 2022, Abstracts submitted to the conference for oral or poster presentations will have the opportunity for evaluation; the speaker with the best presentation will be able to publish their manuscript in this Special Issue with the publication fee waived. Any other conference participants will be offered a 15% discount if they wish to submit their paper to this Special Issue.

Dr. Emilia Vassilopoulou
Dr. Ioannis Pagkalos
Prof. Dr. Maria Hassapidou
Prof. Dr. Athanasios Papadopoulos
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