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  • Special Issue “Effect of Environmentally Sustainable Diets on Human Health” in Nutrients (ISSN 2072-6643). This special issue belongs to the section “Nutrition and Public Health”.
  • Deadline for manuscript submissions: 20 March 2023
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The purpose of this Special Issue, “Effect of Environmentally Sustainable Diets on Human Health”, is to provide an overview of the topic, with the aim of identifying health and environmental co-benefits derived from a sustainable diet as well as promotion strategies that favor its implementation.

Sustainable diets have been defined by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as diets with low environmental impact that contribute to food and nutritional security and a healthy life for present and future generations. This type of diet improves protection and respect for biodiversity and ecosystems; is culturally acceptable, economically fair, accessible, affordable, nutritionally adequate, safe and healthy; and allows the optimization of natural and human resources.

Key questions in the field include: What environmental impact is derived from each type of food? How can we identify health and environmental co-benefits derived from a sustainable diet? How can we identify promotion strategies that favor the implementation of sustainable dietary patterns?

This Special Issue will touch upon the many aspects that relate to health, with a focus on three different directions:

  • Combined effects of environmental pollution and diet behaviors on health.
  • Emerging environmental pollutants such as microplastics and classical physical factors such as radiation and particulate matter, which may have negative health effects.
  • The roles of environmentally sustainable diets in the prevention of environmental pollution-induced disorder.

We are also interested in the mechanisms of the above aspects; note that research on other relevant topics is also welcome. The topics covered should range from epidemiology to molecular mechanism studies, animal studies, evidence-based studies (e.g., meta-analyses and reviews including microbiota, genetics, allergy, asthma, and the mechanisms of immunomodulation) as well as promotion strategies.

Prof. Dr. Ruixue Huang

Guest Editor