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SFS Coordinator ICDA

Stop Food Waste Day – Virtual Panel Discussion Apr 20, 2022

Edited: even though this is over, having a list of people involved in reducing food waste is helpful, I’ll try to add links to them on the toolkit so that we can connect with them.

To further raise awareness of the global issue surrounding wasted food, Compass Group and Restaurant Associates created Stop Food Waste Day in 2017.

Stop Food Waste Day, held on April 27th this year, is an international day of action, sharing education and solutions that address food waste at the source, in professional kitchens, and at home.

As we kick off celebrations, we invite you to attend a virtual panel discussion addressing food waste initiatives and strategies in the entire food supply chain.

Panelists include:
• Co-founder of Food Tank, Danielle Nierenberg, a world-renowned researcher, speaker, and advocate, on all issues relating to our food system and agriculture.
• ReFED’s Executive Director, Dana Gunders, deemed “the woman who helped start the waste-free movement” by Consumer Reports. She helps train, inspire, and strategize around food waste reduction.
• Compass Group’s Global Sustainability Director, Amy Keister, a founding member of Stop Food Waste Day, who plays an integral part in shaping Compass Group’s groundbreaking global sustainability strategy.

The panel discussion will be moderated by two key Restaurant Associates leaders:
• Chef/Innovator, Einav Gefen, who garnered the reputation as a national leader in foodservice and retail foods, and now supports Restaurant Associates’ continued path of quality, innovation, growth, and purpose.
• Director of Wellness and Sustainability, Aimee Takamura, an experienced food service Registered Dietitian with a passion for nutrition and the wellbeing of the community and the planet.