NDA Sustainability Grants

ICDA member National Dietetic Associations (NDAs) can apply for a 1,000 USD Sustainable Food Systems Toolkit grant. Four grants were awarded in the first round of applications to: Australia 🇦🇺, Germany 🇩🇪, Greece 🇬🇷, and Spain 🇪🇸 and we will post updates periodically.

There are six more $1,000 USD grants available for 2022.

The grants aim to:

  • Increase diversity of perspectives, languages, and cultures shared in the ICDA SFS Toolkit
  • Spread sustainability (see SFS Learning Modules)
  • Maximise participation and learning among your NDA members
  • Produce new tools and/or learning from the ICDS SFS Toolkit
  • Increase sharing on solutions and practical implementation for a wide variety of Dietitian-Nutritionists

The next Deadline is: 2022 September 15

Apply through your NDA contact in 2 easy steps:

  1. Read the Application Criteria and discuss your idea with your NDA contact.
  2. If you meet the criteria, follow the instructions, and fill out the Application Template with your NDA.

Download the Application Criteria:

Download the Application Template:

Feedback? Questions? Ideas? Contact the ICDA SFS Coordinator:  ICDAsfs.coordinator@acadiau.ca