UN-Nutrition Strategy 2022–2030

UN-Nutrition is the United Nations inter-agency coordination mechanism for nutrition. On 2022 October 28 the first-ever UN-Nutrition strategy was launched alongside the 13th commemoration of the Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADFNS), building on the momentum of the African Union’s Year of Nutrition for Africa. The UN-Nutrition Strategy embraces Sustainable Food Systems:

  • “UN-Nutrition can assist governments in harmonizing and achieving synergies and co-benefits between nutrition and environmental interventions, in line with the call for a sustainable food systems and One Health approach. Sustainable diets can also be the healthier option, thus providing opportunities for the alignment of nutrition and environmental/climate policies and interventions.” (page 12)
  • “In the latest UN-Nutrition analysis of emerging issues, conducted in 2021, UN-Nutrition members and stakeholders classified environmental topics as being of high relevance to global nutrition. “Healthy diets, including access and cost” were most often cited. The analysis also concluded that there were many unanswered questions on sustainable healthy diets, from true cost and access to food (as a pillar of food security) to sustainable production practices, plant-rich diets and biodiversity. Source: UN-Nutrition Secretariat. 2021. Analysis on emerging nutrition issues. Rome.” (page 13)
  • “UN-Nutrition, through the Secretariat or the United Nations agencies (backed by the Secretariat), can support the work of the Food Systems Coordination Hub, for instance, by assisting the continuation of national dialogues and the implementation of national pathways.” (page 15)

Download & use the strategy to support your SFS efforts (and more!). The strategy is in English, French, Spanish, Russian (more languages will be available).

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