CIDSE’s principles of Agroecology – Towards just, resilient, & sustainable food systems (2018)

CIDSE advocates for radical changes towards just, resilient and sustainable models of food systems. They strongly believe that agroecology and its principles – when firmly rooted in food sovereignty and climate justice – are the way to move away from a model that threatens present and future agricultural production and food security (biodiversity losses, soil degradation, soil erosion…) while meeting the long-term goal of 1.5°C and contributing to the full realisation of the right to food. CIDSE currently works to promote and advocate for agroecology within debates in civil society on these issues, and in high-level policy processes. They gather and share experiences and knowledge in our network on agroecological systems and with movements that are applying the principles of agroecology. To understand more about CIDSE’s position on food systems you may also consult our:

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