StratKIT Platform – Sustainable public procurement and catering network & Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit (website)

StratKIT Platform sustainable public procurement and catering network offers open knowledge resources on sustainable public procurement and catering services. The details are in the StratKIT report.

The Sustainable Public Meal Toolkit provides experience-based advice on how to set up innovative strategies and activities for sustainable public procurement and catering services. The toolkit was developed in the Baltic Sea Region countries but can be used in many more places due to the generic descriptions in the tools. Start the change in your municipality, your company, your school, your hospital, or elsewhere! The tools, collected during the Interreg-BSR project StratKIT, range from strategic approaches to concrete activities in public catering facilities.

More than fifty tools are available for stakeholders involved in the provision of public meals, whether they be policymakers, procurers, caterers, producers, suppliers, consumers, or other public and private bodies. While all tools originated from BSR countries, some have been developed and piloted within the StratKIT project. Each tool is presented as a step-by-step procedure. To find tools suitable for your situation, you can either browse them all or find collections of tools for different topics in the thematic gateways. Add the most suitable tools to your own collection to download and print.

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