Rethinking Biodiversity Strategies (2010)

Rethinking Biodiversity Strategies is an evidence-based review for use in informing policy decisions. It is a static resource from 2010 and looks at biodiversity loss globally. Strengths and limitations of studies used as evidence are clearly identified.  This report conducted by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency in 2010 examines and compares eight strategies for reducing global biodiversity loss which include several food systems related interventions: closing the yield gap, reducing post-harvest losses, changing diets and reducing marine fishing efforts. It is an in-depth review useful for those assessing or providing evidence-based support for the impact of specific dietary shifts on biodiversity loss.

There are several chapters extremely relative to D-Ns such as chapter 4:  Eight options for reducing global biodiversity loss look at 4.6 Changing diets on page 78.  Also looking forward in 6.1 Impacts on food availability and long-term human development on page 121.

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