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The Harvard Law School Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI) advocates for legal, regulatory, and policy reforms in health and food systems, with a focus on the health, public health, and food needs of systemically marginalized individuals. CHLPI’s broad range of initiatives aim to expand access to high-quality health care and nutritious, affordable food; to reduce health- and food-related disparities; to develop community advocacy capacity; and, to promote more equitable, sustainable and effective health care and food systems. CHLPI’s Food is Medicine initiative promotes access to healthy food as an essential component of holistic health care that should be considered a reimbursable, core medical service and advances key legal and policy levers that help to increase access to healthy foods. Some of CHLPI’s work to date includes releasing two national reports: Food is Medicine: Opportunities in Public and Private Health Care for Supporting Nutritional Counseling and Medically Tailored, Home-Delivered Meals and Food is Prevention: The Case for Integrating Food and Nutrition Interventions into Healthcare. CHLPI is a clinical teaching program of Harvard Law School and mentors students to become skilled, innovative, and thoughtful practitioners as well as leaders in public health, and food law and policy.

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