Grazed and Confused (2017)

This project was published in October 2017 and aimed to analyze the different perspectives of stakeholders on “grazing systems and their greenhouse gas emissions and evaluate them against the best available science”. This report discusses aspects of sustainability including climate change and land in relation to “grass-fed” beef, both of which are relative to Dietitians-Nutritionists around the world. The authors provide “an authoritative and unbiased answer to the question: Is grass-fed beef good or bad for the climate?”.

The project is led by TABLE’s coordinator and lead researcher Dr Tara Garnett in collaboration with Cécile Godde and a team of experts drawn from research institutes all over the world“. Authors include: Tara Garnett Cécile Godde Adrian Muller Elin Röös Pete Smith Imke de Boer Erasmus zu Ermgassen Mario Herrero Corina van Middelaar Christian Schader Hannah van Zanten.

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