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This Global Green and Healthy Hospital Network (GGHH) brings together hospitals, health systems, and health organizations from around the world under the shared goal of reducing the environmental footprint of the health sector and contributing to improved public and environmental health. The framework and roadmap to reach this goal is provided by the GGHH Agenda and its 10 interconnected sustainability goals for hospitals and health systems to work towards at their facilities. To support members in their efforts to implement successful sustainability initiatives and projects related to the 10 Agenda goals, GGHH offers access to exclusive and innovative tools and resources in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) South East Asia has resources created by members of the Asian Network. The information found on this webpage is transparent and updated regularly with new additions. Although the blogs, vlogs and essays found on this webpage are meant for the Asia region, the information described can be applied to other regions and roles around the world. More information regarding HCWH Asia can be found through their Facebook page and all HCWH Asia events and initiatives can be found here.

Some useful examples include the following which are still accessible:

  • 2022 – The Southeast Asia Green Hospital Awards – We are living in an era where climate and health emergencies are one and the same. In the spirit of “restoring the earth” amidst a climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic, it is the mission of the healthcare sector to recover and rebuild toward a decarbonized, climate-resilient and sustainable systems. For hospitals and health centers in Southeast Asia, that means taking small steps like turning off unused lights, integrating renewables in the hospital energy source, employing rainwater catchment in health facilities, putting bans on nonessential single-use plastics in the hospital, transitioning to healthy, plant-based food for the staff and patients as well as implementing sustainable health care waste management and doing away with waste incineration.
  • 2020 – #GreenHealthyRecovery🌾 webinar and link to manuals for Sourcing and consuming fresh and local food does not only eliminate single-use plastics packaging in the hospital food systems, it also helps small farmers sustain their livelihood amidst #climatechange and a pandemic, considering that our region is primarily an agricultural region.
  • 2021 April – GLOBAL ROADMAP for Healthcare Decarbonization towards climate resilience and health equity – The Road Map is the first of its kind to chart a global health care course to zero emissions by 2050. Health care’s climate footprint is already substantial, equaling 4.4% of net global emissions. Without climate action inside and outside the sector, health care’s climate emissions would more than triple to over six gigatons a year by 2050, equal to annual emissions from 770 coal-fired power plants.

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