Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems

Specialty Chief editors Elliot Barry, Barbara Burlingame and their team ensure articles are evidence-based and peer-reviewed prior to publication. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems also provides transparency, dynamism and diversity to their audience through their publications.

Frontiers’ philosophy is that “all research is for the benefit of humankind. Research is the product of an investment by society and therefore its fruits should be returned to all people without borders or discrimination, serving society universally and in a transparent fashion. That is why Frontiers provides online free and open access to all of its research publications.”

As of the 2021 Frontiers’ report they are now home to 139 community-run journals across 1,165 academic disciplines.

One of the SFS Toolkit members shared a very useful reply from Frontiers in the SFS Toolkit discussion forum titled Behaviour Change Techniques In Sustainability: “I came across this open-access review from Frontiers (Psychology) on How to Effectively Encourage Sustainable Food Choices: A Mini-Review of Available Evidence. There may be some really good feedback and ideas to consider.”

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