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FOODprints is a tool that contains multiple resources based around eating a more healthy and sustainable diet in German, French and Italian. Some browsers will translate into other languages as well. I was able to read the webpages (not the documents) in English.

The Swiss Society of Nutrition (SSN/SGE – the acronym depends on the language used) is the national competence center for food issues. They assume mandates and develop offers that help strengthen the food skills of the population and make the framework conditions more favorable to a balanced diet. To do this, we apply a policy that allows everyone to take charge of their own eating behavior and understand the information.

FOODprints is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and is based off of the Swiss food pyramid. Information present in this resource is adaptable, reliable, and informative of sustainable food systems and nutrition. Some documents within this resources are made for the Swiss population and also for nutrition professionals.

In Switzerland, almost 30% of environmental nuisances are due to food. What we eat and drink has an impact not only on ourselves and our health, but also on the environment, humans and animals. FOODprints®’s practical advice for a sustainable daily diet is aimed at all those who are not indifferent to the consequences of their consumption.

There are six comics dedicated to a sustainable and balanced diet. These comics were designed as part of the interdisciplinary PNR 69 project on recommendations for healthy and sustainable diets (Sustainable and healthy diets: trade-offs and synergies), funded by the Swiss National Fund.

Downloadable Resources include:

  • FOODprints® Info Sheet
  • Ecological assessment of food
  • Articles from the journal Tabula on the theme of sustainable development
    • Food waste
    • The ecological balance of food
  • Calendar of Seasons (French-speaking Consumer Federation)

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