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FoodPrint is a web-based resource that helps eaters understand what “it takes to get food from the farm to your plate.” FoodPrint tries to make it as easy as possible to make food choices that are better for animals, people, and the environment.

FoodPrint is a dynamic resource developed by Grace Communications Foundation (GCF) which works to “advance pragmatic and humane solutions to…problems in the food, environment and public health sectors.” GCF is a North American organization and content is applicable to North America and similar contexts. Partner organizations and projects are clearly identified. There are many challenges to guide and enough people

They put together many tools to help people navigate the food system. It contains numerous resources based around both environmental and social sustainability topics and how nutrition plays a role in each. Here are a few examples:

  • The Reduce Your FoodPrint Challenge
  • The FoodPrint Seasonal Eating Challenge
  • The ABC’s of Reducing Food Waste
  • Get Growing with FoodPrint’s Gardening Resources
  • Teach Young People About Foodprints
  • Take the Pledge to Cut Single-Use Plastics
  • Take the Meatless Monday Pledge

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