Food is Medicine Research Action Plan (2022 Jan)

The research on Food is Medicine builds upon a large and robust body of evidence that links food insecurity to poor health outcomes, both physical and mental. Research repeatedly demonstrates that food insecurity is associated with increased health care use and spending.

The Action Plan provides a comprehensive analysis to date of research on medically tailored meals, medically tailored groceries, and produce prescriptions. The greatest challenge—and starting point for this Action Plan—is how to propel rigorous, high-impact, translatable research that can quickly bring necessary reforms to our health care and food systems. The Action Plan is written for: Researchers; Funders; Food is Medicine program implementers; Advocates for increasing access to Food is Medicine interventions. It is focused on the USA but could be useful to anyone in the world to consider their own Food is Medicine Action Plan.

The research included in this report was made possible through funding by the Walmart Foundation. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations presented in this report are those of Food & Society at the Aspen Institute and the Center for Health Law Policy Innovation (CHLPI) alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Walmart Foundation.

Downer S, Clippinger E, Kummer C. Food is Medicine Research Action Plan. Published Jan. 27, 2022.

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