Co-production of research for food systems transformation: mapping and exploring examples of co-production activities across Transforming the UK Food System (TUKFS) projects (2024)

About this project

Led by Dr Clare Pettinger (University of Plymouth, FoodSEqual) and Professor Charlotte Hardman (University of Liverpool, FIO FoodBeanMeals), this interdisciplinary, cross-project collaboration has engaged researchers from multiple academic institutions in order to better understand how to facilitate, support, and invest in future co-produced research for food systems transformation. 

There is an urgent need for transformation of the UK food system. The ways in which food is currently produced, accessed, and eaten are having significant negative impacts on human health and causing damage to our environment.

To address these issues, there has been a recent shift towards the use of creative and participatory methods of research, including co-production. In line with this, “co-producing research across disciplines and stakeholders to provide evidence for coherent policymaking” is a key strategic aim of the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Transforming UK Food Systems (TUKFS) SPF Programme.  

As part of the TUKFS Annual Synergy Fund, this research project identified and mapped examples of where co-production, co-design or co-creation methods are being employed for food system transformation across six TUKFS projects.

This toolkit shares the outputs of this research project, including 11 case studies of co-production, a ‘messy map’ representing our key findings, as well as practical considerations intended for researchers, academic institutions, and funders engaging with these innovative methodological approaches.

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