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Alpro Foundation has been a scientific platform for over 25 years dedicated to supporting research and the dissemination of evidence-based knowledge on plant-based nutrition and its impact on health and environment amongst academics, healthcare professionals and key stakeholders in nutrition. They say: “Our mission is to support, promote, share and celebrate credible science-based knowledge and research investigating the impact of plant-based nutrition on human and planetary health.” Underpinning Alpro Foundation’s scientific integrity is an independent Scientific Advisory Board of seven leading academic experts who provide direction and advice and ensure the scientific credibility of the education tools. Additionally, Alpro Foundation celebrates and supports innovative scientific research by providing research grants and awarding young scientists for plant-based nutrition research. Alpro Foundation’s research grant scheme has resulted in over 34 scientific publications to date. The latest scientific evidence and direction from leading independent experts within their scientific advisory board underpins all Alpro Foundation’s work and research support.

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