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These are short (generally less than 1 hour) video and audio recordings related to sustainable food systems. We have separated them into three groups. The first includes any upcoming, live webinars that are relevant. The second group covers knowledge development and information related to SFS. The third group covers relevance and applications of SFS in nutrition and dietetic practice, and includes webinars by and for nutrition and dietetic professionals and focus or how to integrate the ideas into practice.

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Feed: A Food Systems Podcast
with Table

Feed is a podcast series created by Table in collaboration with University of Oxford, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and Wageningen University. Hosts Matthew Kessler and Samara Brock aim to fill the gap of the future of food by “exploring the evidence, worldviews, and values that people bring to global food system debates”. This series will also feature individuals who are passionate about the food system right now and into the future. Episode one: “Ken Giller on the Food Security Conundrum” is now live. New episodes will be posted every Thursday.
Available on: Spotify, Apple podcast, Google Podcast, etc.


Voices: Stories about Practice in Sustainable Nutrition

In this podcast we share stories of the nutrition and dietetic practitioners from around the world who are trailblazers, working to deepen connections between people and food systems and educate tomorrow’s dietitians for the realities they will face. This podcast is about role modelling. Our aim is to support listeners to incorporate sustainability into practice, by learning from colleagues who are doing it. We hope to inspire ideas, spark conversations and action, and consider new ways to address existing challenges. Though the effort is supported by ICDA, the views expressed in the podcasts are not necessarily shared by ICDA.

If you don’t have a favourite podcasting platform, you can also listen from RIGHT HERE.

Sustainable Stories Podcast
with SAGE Sustainable Solutions Consulting

The Sustainable Stories podcast was launched in early 2021as an effort to share stories around people who are making the world more “sustainable, equitable and healthy place to live”.  Join Jenna Englot (Master of Environment and Sustainability), and Roxane Wagner (Registered Dietitian, Canada) every Tuesday for a new episode of the Sustainable Stories Podcast brought to you by Sage Sustainable Solutions Consulting!
Available on SpotifyApple Podcast or online.

Integrating Indigenous knowledge into practice
with Kelly Gordon

In this 15-minute “Behind the Bio” podcast, community dietitian and team lead Kelly Gordon, RD, in Six Nations of the Grand River shares her experiences being an Indigenous dietitian and what that means for her both personally and professionally.



Introducing Food + Planet’s White Paper: Empowering Nutrition Professionals to Advance Sustainable Food Systems

In this upcoming webinar, Food + Planet launches their white paper: “Empowering Nutrition Professionals to Advance Sustainable Food Systems”. “Our white paper provides a road map of how we might meaningfully close the gap so that we can create a movement among nutrition professionals to catalyze change within the food system. By identifying current barriers and highlighting key leverage points of opportunity for nutrition professionals to engage, we can begin to unlock the vast potential of this global community to help accelerate the transition to more sustainable, regenerative, and equitable food systems”.

Please tune into this free, live event on September 23, 14:00 EST time.

NAFSN Voices from the Grassroots Webinar: Food Supply Chain Innovators Webinar #3 with Megan Larmer

This webinar series is hosted by the North American Food Systems Network. Webinar #3 focuses on the food supply chain innovators. This webinar will feature Megan Larmer who will highlight “Glynwood’s “Local Food for Every Table” initiative, a holistic, regional approach to increasing food access during and beyond the COVID-10 pandemic—and achieving food sovereignty and food justice in the long term”. Please register for this excellent experience.
Date: March 18th 2021
Time: 12:00pm EST


Sustainable Diets: We know what they are, so why aren’t we consuming them?
with Katherine Bowes

In this 15 minute brief presentation, Katherine Bowes, Canadian Dietetic Intern and recent graduate of Acadia University’s School of Nutrition and Dietetics, shares her research examining the factors influencing uptake of recommendations for sustainable dietary patterns.


Promoting Food Security in Higher Education: A Conference Series

This Conference series will explore “links between campus and community-based efforts to change local food environments and build community-wide food security”. This series contains 12 different session with a variety of topics that run from March 2nd, 2021 to March 30th, 2021. Register now for all or some of the sessions to expand your knowledge of food security in higher education.


Perspectives on Food safety as a driver of food choice in LMIC
with Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy

The Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy is hosting a four part webinar series entitled “Drivers of food choice in low and middle-income countries: a synthesis of evidence”. Part two of this series is moderated by Edward Frongillo and presented by Shilpa V. Constantinides, Michelle Holdsworth, Amos Laar, Jessica E. Raneri, Crystal Patil and Germana Leyna. The main topics covered in this webinar include:

  • The influence of perspectives on food safety on food choice from across DFC projects
  • Perceptions of Food safety are important drivers of food acquisition and consumption in urban Ghana
  • Do food safety concerns shape diets? Insights from the urban poor in Hanoi
  • Food safety perspectives from adults living with HIV in peri-urban Tanzania and the context of national food safety policies change 

Understanding How and Why People Make Food Choices in LMIC for Promotion of Sustainable Healthy Diets
with The Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy

The Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy is hosting a four part webinar series entitled “Drivers of food choice in low and middle-income countries: a synthesis of evidence”. Part one of this series is presented by Helen Walls, Mirriam Matita, Sigrid Wetheim-Heck and Christine Blake and moderated by Edward A Frongillo who will discuss three key topics. The topics include: Key Learnings from the Drivers of Food Choice Program (UofSC), Insights from Malawi : Household participation in food markets (LSHTM/LUANAR), and Insights from Vietnam: Modernization of the food retail environment (WUR/BI). This series will examine and articulate important issues and questions surrounding “policy, practice, and research at the nexus of food environments, nutrition, and health”. Click here to register and take advantage of this opportunity with experts in this field.


The Future of our Food Systems: Sustainable Diets for All
with Evan Fraser

In this Dietitians of Canada Learning On Demand webinar, Dr. Evan Fraser, describes the challenges of the current food system, and explains how both behaviour change and new technologies can help support more sustainable solutions. This lecture was sponsored by Unilever.

Paid open access. Discount for members of Dietitians of Canada.

Sustainable Food System Programme Webinars
with the One Planet Network

See the latest webinars from the One Planet network Sustainable Food Systems Programme. You can register for upcoming webinars, or view the recordings from previous ones. May we suggest:

Sustainable Seafood in an African Context


Benefits of Plant-Based Foods in Institutional Food Service
with Pamela Fergusson

In this Dietitians of Canada Learning On Demand webinar, Canadian dietitian, Dr. Pamela Fergusson, critically appraises the evidence of the benefits of plant-based diets to health and the environment, and discusses the opportunities to improve population health, the environment and institutional budgets through offering plant-based meals in institutional food.

Paid open access. Discount for members of Dietitians of Canada.

Can Healthy Diets Be Sustainable Diets? An Emerging Role for Dietitians
with Barbara Seed & Fiona Yeudall

In this Dietitians of Canada Learning On Demand webinar, Dr. Barb Seed & Dr. Fiona Yeudall, Canadian dietitians, focus on the unique role of dietitians in healthy and sustainable diets. Our speakers explore why this shift is needed, how sustainable foods and diets are measured, current recommendations and dietary guidelines, and specific actions to integrate ecologically sustainable diet principles into your workplace policy and practice.

Paid open access. Discount for members of Dietitians of Canada.

Truth, Reconciliation & Food
with Fiona Devereaux and colleagues

In this Dietitians of Canada Learning On Demand webinar, Canadian dietitians Fiona Devereau, Kelly GordonRhona Hanning, and Dr. Sandra Juutilainen discuss working with Indigenous populations in ways that are meaningful. Listeners will learn about food-related experiences and perceptions of those who attended Indian residential schools in Canada, community-level research and programs in First Nations, and inspire you by the strength and resilience of First Nations community members who champion local food projects.

Paid open access. Discount for members of Dietitians of Canada.

Vegetarian Diets and Chronic Kidney Disease
with Veena Juneja

With the recent interest in vegetarianism, it is important to consider how to support those with different disease conditions who consume plant-based diets. Experienced clinician Veena Juneja discusses current approaches to managing vegetarian diets for those with chronic kidney disease (CKD) with an emphasis on addressing specific concerns about the quantity and quality of protein and phosphorus bioavailability. Practical information and special considerations to support patients with CKD and on dialysis to meet their nutrition requirements in transitioning towards a vegetarian diet are also covered.

Paid open access. Discount for members of Dietitians of Canada.

Assessment of Food Environments of Obesity Reduction in a South African Context
with Dr Bianca van der Westhuizen

The Association for Dietetics in South Africa (ADSA) provides a series of webinars for dietitians, freely available. We recommend this one, where Dr Bianca van der Westhuizen discusses the impact of changing food environments on obesity, the factors that impact on food environments and presents data on food access and the proportion of healthy stores within certain South African communities.


Plants for Bettering Nutrition
with Priya Gopalen

In this Integrated Dietetics moderated webinar featured via Facebook live, Priya Gopalen discusses the importance of school gardens in the development of sustainable communities in India. Priya covers topics including different types of gardens, native vegetables, spices and micro greens and how to grow them sustainably within a school setting. Priya identifies the vital role that the kids, teachers, gardeners and implementers of school gardens play in the development of sustainable communities ad schools.


Sustainable and Wellness Oriented Lifestyle Practices
with Dr. Ram Aditya & Mr. T Kumaresan

This Integrated Dietetics moderated webinar featured via Facebook live, discusses important sustainability topics including biodiversity and food waste, and includes tips on how to incorporate sustainable practices in everyday life. Some of these practices includes growing fruits and vegetables safely and composting properly. These presenters share their knowledge of sustainability and wellness and how it can be adapted at an individual and community level.


GAIN Interview Cruncher: “42 actions to fix the food systems”
with GAIN

The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), the Center for Food Policy at City University of London and the Alliance for a Healthier World at Johns Hopkins University will be hosting a webinar conversation about the “42 food systems actions, opportunities and next steps of re-orienting food systems towards healthier diets” that is moderated by Shiulie Ghosh. This webinar will be presented by Corinna Hawkes, Adeyinka Onabolu, Cherrie Atilano, and Maximo Torero, and they will discuss how over 200 recommendations from numerous reports led to the development of 42 food system actions that can be used by policy makers to create a more nutritious food system.

Talking Sustainable Diets: Resources and Information to Guide Your Practice Webinar & Discussion
with Eat Well Global

Hosted by Eat Well Global, this free webinar will help guide the complex question of “how can the concept of sustainable diets be applied to my everyday work?”. This webinar will be lead by Amy Myrdal Miller, Barbara Bray and Dr. Frank Mitloehner who will discuss and give practical examples around sustainable diets and their relevance to your practice. The main topics that will be examined include nutrition, agriculture and farming and their relevance to a sustainable future.
**Disclaimer: This webinar is sponsored by PepsiCo.

Action Track #2: Shift to Sustainable Consumption Patterns
with EAT

In this webinar organized by EAT in collaboration with the WHO, 50by40, Bharat Krishak Samaj, and Zero Hour, you will be able to contribute to the conversation around food environments, food demand, and food waste. This webinar will be moderated by Paul Newnham (SDG2 Advocacy Hub) and Chair Gunhild Stordalen (EAT) will outline the next steps for Action Track 2. Learn how to voice your opinion to help create change and fill in the gaps of sustainability.


ICDA SFS Workshop
with Edith Callaghan, Haley Jenkins, Liesel Carlsson and Sheela Krishnaswamy (Moderator)

This is the video summary of the Workshop on Sustainable Food Systems organized by the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA). In it, this beta-version of our web-based Toolkit (icdasustainability.org) is introduced and users are oriented to content. Participant stories are shared.

Free, open access

Symposium Workshop: Sustainable Food Systems Master Class
with Today’s Dietitian

This three hour master class is hosted by Today’s Dietitian and lead by dietitians: Sherene, Kate, Sharon, and Chris. The workshop discusses “how RDs can help align human nutrition with planetary health; protect biodiversity through organic and regenerative agriculture; and use the changing climate and food innovation to reshape the future of food”. In the workshop you will hear inspiring success stories that will help motivate you to begin your own sustainability journey. This master class has an accreditation of 3.50 CDR and may be applicable in other regions.

Free Until: 05/20/2021