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Stacia Nordin joined the ICDA SFS team in 2022 as a part time coordinator, taking over from Haley and Chati, who remain as advisors to the team. Stacia is no stranger to ICDA – she wrote an article for the newsletter in 2000 – has taken part in ICDA Congresses, and provided information about her work in a podcast and case study for this ICDA SFS Toolkit. Stacia is from the USA but has lived in Malawi since 1997.

Stacia is a Registered Dietitian focused on indigenous resources for sustainable diets, healthy living, and strengthening systems with Permaculture design. She has mostly worked in Malawi with agriculture, health, and education to improve nutritional health through innovative policy and program designs. She has studied hundreds of locally available foods in Malawi (and working on the same for Wisconsin), which she and her family have collected, multiplied around their home, and shared. She worked with the United Nations to compile the Sustainable Nutrition manual, which is used in homes, schools and churches (available freely on

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Stacia is…
—Passionate about waste and tired of it.
—Opening hearts, minds, and eyes to our abundance.
—Concerned that thousands of species are quickly disappearing.
—Hopeful people will realise the earth can provide us with everything we need if let it.