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    In your opinion or experience, what barriers impede your ability to practice within a SFS as a D-N? How can we work together to reduce or remove these barriers?

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    People always looking for rapid results and are more for products oriented approach.

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    Not having the time to look up latest evidence or statistics – so it would be helpful to have resources with recent references to substantiate recommendations we make.

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    I think one barrier is lack of clear info about what is SFS and focussing on smaller points relating to sustainability e.g. concern about eating fish due to microplastics

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    Marie Spiker

    One barrier is the challenge of translating across professional languages — e.g., from the terminology used in nutrition to the terminology used in environmental science or economics. One way to reduce these barriers is to offer training opportunities where we’re exposed to foundational concepts from other disciplines involved in food systems.

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    I’m a RD practicing in South Africa, and do a lot of work in lower income communities. I think that a possible barrier to my ability to practice within a SFS will be that sustainable food systems won’t be a priority for many of the community members that I work with. What is the best way to communicate the importance of sustainable food systems in communities that have so many other barriers that they are up against?

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    As per Marie’s comment,not just between differnet professions, even within dietetics/nutrition – definitional aspects can be challenging. In the UK we refer to ‘environmentally sustainable diets’ (focus specifically on diets rather than systems). Different countries have different terminology/definitions on this agenda – so we need a way to transcend these differences…this platform will e really useful to support learning and literacy on this topic

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