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    In your opinion or experience, how can Dietitians & Nutritionists work with other Dietitians/Nutritionists in different areas of practice (e.g, public health, clinical, foodservice, etc.), OR with other members of the food system (e.g., farmers, retailers) to contribute to SFS?

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    Be willing to engage and find out what forums are available to connect with DTs/Nts in other areas of practice or with other members of the food system. However, I do acknowledge that this takes time – to attend meetings or webinars and spend a bit of time finding out where to engage with others and how to do this.

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    Sharing ideas and resources is great way to collaborate and this platform looks very useful and has been easy to use – thanks for showing it to us!

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    Perhaps using common forums, e.g. for continued professional development or association meetings to raise common issues for partnership.

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    Reka Cane

    Some options are: 1-Nutrition clusters or Food Security Clusters as good entry points for collaboration in different areas of practice. Generally NC can be at national level and then interlinked at other subleves; 2 – Technical working groups are also a useful group; 3- Nutrition Associations, events and seminars are an entry point for networking and possible collaboration.

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    I I love this platform idea as I’m in online academia with limited connections. So here asking and learning about other needs or experiences is valuable! 😀

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    Pulling forces together to help make a difference as I believe alone it’s hard to do everything well.

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    Leandre Piek

    In my experience as a community service dietitian in a rural setting I work in both the clinics and rural hospital. Communication between these two areas is so important, as I have seen with SAM (Severe Acute Malnourished) children regarding referrals, follow-ups at the clinic after being discharged from the hospital etc. to ensure that those children do not get lost in the system.

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    An example is perhaps National Nutrition Week 2021, where the theme is increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Since the messages will be shared nationally by all stakeholders, the ideas around SFS and fruit/vegetable intake can be integrated.

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    This is a great potential tool for international collaboration on this topic

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