Behaviour change techniques in sustainability

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    Angela Madden

    Is anyone working in this area or interested in doing so?


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    Liesel Carlsson

    Hi Angela,

    My apologies I am just getting to this post. It has not been an area I am so familiar with. But recently two names came across my desk that might be helpful. Brian Cook at the University of Oxford, as well as Sadaf Mollaei (University of Waterloo). They are both doing work on consumer behaviours and sustainable diets that might be helpful.

    I also came across this open-access review on How to Effectively Encourage Sustainable Food Choices: A Mini-Review of Available Evidence. There may be some really good feedback and ideas to consider:

    In short: nudging (choice architecture) is likely to work; information provision, much less likely unless it is linked directly to a barrier or goal; people’s pre-existing values and habits mediate the effect.

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    Stacia Nordin

    @AngelaMadden This post is from September just as the toolkit was starting, then there was a reply in April. Anything you can share back with us about what you have learned and applied?

    I’ll also do a search on the toolkit and try to add items on the topic, because I personally think this is at the crux of sustainability – behaviour, which starts with mindset change, then skills.

    I’ve done a fair amount of work in this personally, and you can see how we are approaching it in Malawi (or our home, or wherever we are) via:

    *Sustainable Nutrition Manual (SNM): Food, Water, Agriculture & Environment* Free manual, flyers, drawings, and posters

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    Stacia Nordin

    @AngelaMadden I did a search on the toolkit and found a great game that @edith-c also just told me about recently. Follow this link to download it, there are further links to lots more details if needed, and I’m sure there are several members in this toolkit that could engage with you on the topic, I for one would like to see this thread continue! Short description: Great Meals for a Change: My brilliant colleagues and I created a fun and educational program to help people understand and experience sustainable food through sharing a meal while playing interactive games. We used the idea of social learning for behaviour change, which is helpful in bridging the knowledge-action gap that so many nutritionists are challenged by. The games are fun, fun, fun — and everyone should try it!

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