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COP 3: Foro de debate

Estos foros de discusión están destinados a que pueda hacer preguntas y compartir consejos con sus compañeros.

Todos los puestos relacionados con las funciones y actividades de los profesionales de la nutrición y la dietética en los Sistemas Alimentarios Sostenibles (SFS) son bienvenidos.

Todos los mensajes son visibles para el público, pero sólo los miembros pueden publicar. Registrarse como miembro es gratuito ¡! Como miembro puedes:

  • Responder a los mensajes y crear temas o grupos
  • Conectar con otros miembros
Guía para participar en el foro.

👇🏽 1 – Haz clic en un tema que te interese. 👀 Cualquiera puede leer los mensajes.

2 – ¿Quieres responder a un tema? Regístrate gratis & 🪵 Inicia sesión como miembro. Haz clic en responder y escribe tu aportación.

🫳 3 – ¿Quieres empezar tu propio tema?
Haga clic en el foro «Área de debate general». 📜 Desplácese hasta la parte inferior para «Hacer una pregunta o compartir una idea». ✍🏽 Dale un título a tu tema y escribe tu contenido.

🔔 4 – Recuerda seleccionar«Notificarme las respuestas de seguimiento por correo electrónico» si quieres recibir alertas por correo electrónico (a mí personalmente me gustan).

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    • Discuss the Voices Podcasts
      We'd love to hear your thoughts about our podcast Voices: Stories about Practice in Sustainable Nutrition. If you have another story to share about what you do, a question, or any ideas to discuss, this is your place. There is a discussion thread for each of the episodes. If you have a great story to share, but unrelated to the episode topic, you can do so in our general "Share your Story" section.
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      SFS Coordinator ICDA

    • General Discussion Area
      This discussion area is intended for you to be able to ask questions of, and share advice with, your peers.  All posts related to roles and activities of nutrition and dietetic practitioners are welcome.  Key to note:
      • All posts are Publicly visible but only Members can post.  Membership is free.
      • To post in any of the discussion forums or groups you’ll need to register as a member (it is free) at: https://icdasustainability.org/register/
      • After logging in:
        1. Use the reply button in an existing thread to add your points.
        2. To start a new discussion, click on the 'General Discussion Area'  title, scroll down to "Ask a Question or Share and Idea", give it a descriptive title that is appropriate to your post, and then add your discussion content.
        3. In either case, before posting your comment, consider selecting "Notify me of follow-up replies via email" if you would like an email alert when someone posts to the thread.
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      SFS Coordinator ICDA

    • Group forum: FBDG
      National food-based dietary guidelines (FBDGs) provide context-specific advice and principles on healthy diets and lifestyles, which are rooted on sound evidence, and respond to a country’s public health and nutrition priorities, food production and consumption patterns, sociocultural influences, food composition data, and accessibility, among other factors. Typically, FBGDs propose a set of recommendations in terms of foods, food groups and dietary patterns to provide the required nutrients to promote overall health and prevent chronic diseases. Yet, many countries are now moving towards more holistic perspectives by addressing food combinations (meals), eating modalities, food safety considerations, lifestyle and sustainability aspects in their FBDGs (FAO, https://www.fao.org/nutrition/education/food-dietary-guidelines/background/en/).
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      SFS Coordinator ICDA

    • Group forum: Permaculture Nutrition
      Do you have permaculture in your country? (Permaculture designs for sustainable human systems). We utilise permaculture to improve nutrition and would like to discover ways together for people more to understand connections between sustainable designing and nutrition. We have some many amazing resources that are under-utilised, over looked, and even wasted. Let's change that together.
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