Food waste in Hospitals

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    Nathan Cook

    Hi all,

    My name is Nathan Cook and I am a PhD candidate at Monash University in Australia investigating food waste in the hospital foodservice setting.

    I am reaching out today to disseminate my research. I have provided the link to my new research publication which is also open access. Some key points below: ‘It’s a constant changing environment, and we’re just playing catch up’: Hospital food services, food waste, and COVID-19

    1. We completed 20 interviews with people who worked in hospital foodservices in Victoria Australia to understand the impacts of COVID-19 on hospital foodservices, particularly their ability to complete food waste audits and investigate the possible changes in food waste amounts
    2. Data were analysed into 5 themes; impacts on practice, labour, change, technology, post pandemic expectations. Foodservice staff demonstrated adaptability to the changes brought forward by COVID-19 but hospitals were still not able to prioritise food waste audits
    3. The advancement towards sustainable healthcare may support future food waste audits in hospital foodservices and potentiate the green recovery from COVID-19.



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    The Results in the abstract look promising for the future, despite the challenges:

    “Nonetheless, hospitals embraced the challenge and created new positions, trialled different food waste data collection methods, and utilised technology to support food service operations around COVID-19 restrictions.”

    I don’t work in a hospital setting but am interested in ways that we in surrounding communities can help hospitals process any byproducts safely and efficiently. For example, Could those of us in community gardening activities be given space at the hospital for composting, worm farming, or other way to process biodegradable materials for our gardens?

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    Anyone else working to reduce food waste? Please share a few sentences / link to your success and process (or struggles!)

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